What is this site about?

This website was created as my final project for the class "Foundations in Environmental Studies." Every student chose his/her own topic, the approach and mode of presentation. Since Environmental Studies are very interdisciplinary, the projects are so, too. We also had a class blog, which can be found under resources.

I decided to look at the connection between music and the environment. Questions I asked myself were:
Is music able to make us aware of environmental issues? What part do music and the music business/industry actually play in creating a more “earth-friendly” and responsible behavior towards nature – and what part could they play?

What you will find on this website is the following:

 Using the relationship between composed music (coming from the Romantic music as the (arguable) beginning of “environmental music”) and the sounds of nature as an introduction into contemporary “eco-music,” the main focus of this site is split into two parts.

1. Looking at the music itself.

A deep literary and musical analysis of the songs Earth Song by Michael Jackson and The Landscape is changing by Depeche Mode.

2. The role of music industry.

In this part, I concentrate on the Live Earth concerts in 2007, initiated by Al Gore. I researched the program itself, data about the carbon footprint, the intended goals of this global events and how they worked out. Though the global event pretended to have been almost carbon-neutral, served as a starting point for Green Event Standards and encouraged other artists to rethink their environmental responsibility, the individual effects are still arguable and hard to value.

A "conclusion" and a list of recources for further information is also part of this web site.

I welcome your comments!